Sunday, June 13, 2010

With Transparency, Everybody Wins

Transparency means that what you do is visible to others. When others can see your goals for the week, you have a tool to discuss priorities. The simplest way of creating transparency is with a WEEKLY WHITEBOARD REPORT.

A weekly whiteboard report posted in your office is an effective tool to keep everyone aware of your weekly goals. Use red for critical and milestone dates. The weekly whiteboard report is especially useful if you support more than one manager.

If you do not have a whiteboard in your office, use a Word table, Excel spreadsheet or calendar page similar to Outlook. Every Monday, print out the report for the week and post it on your wall where everyone can see it.
Date Priorities

May 24
Monday .

May 25

May 26
Wednesday 9 – Noon: Workshop

May 27

May 28

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