Saturday, January 24, 2009

Personal Power

Communicating a sense of personal power comes from a belief you can reach your goals in your own way. You communicate a sense of personal power by developing authority, accessibility, assertiveness, a positive image and solid communication skills.
Tips For Communicating Personal Power
* Identify someone in your circle of acquaintances who epitomizes the kind of authority you want to project and model that person.
* Make time for yourself and take care of your own needs to develop a healthy self-respect.
* Learn to say "No" when appropriate.
* Request feedback as a way to grow and learn.
* Develop an openness for change.
* Focus on your goals, and develop a sense of purpose and commitment.
* List every key person you know and set a goal to make contact with these key people at least once a month.
* Join key associations and make yourself known by volunteering.
* Always ensure that you make the best first impression possible. Stand erect and move energetically. Take every opportunity to practice these skills and you will soon find yourself communicating your personal power every time.

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